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Seussical the Musical Cast List

The Cat in the Hat- Vince Dang
Horton the Elephant- Kyle Lawrence
JoJo- Madison Strasheim
Gertrude McFuzz- Peyton Mazza
Mayzie La Bird- Aubree Tafoya
Mr. Mayor- Owen Wamsley
Mrs. Mayor- Savannah Fillerup
Sour Kangaroo- Mya Busch
Wickersham Brother #1- Joshua Jackson
Wickersham Brother #2- Hunter Fillerup
Wickersham Brother #3- Keanue Her
Bird Girl #1- Allyson Tandberg
Bird Girl #2- Mykelti Dragoo
Bird Girl #3- Katelyn Flynn
Yertle the Turtle- Aidan Lyde
General Gengus Khan Schmitz- Brandon Cage
Citizens of Nool- Will Anderson, Adriana Espinoza, Alec Gurien, Holly Hyman, Nicholas Lee, Schaylyne
Schartz, Joey Tanega, Alexis Vigil, Hayden Wallis, David Wells
Vlad Vladikoff- David Wells
Hunters– Alec Gurien, Joey Tanega, Alexis Vigil, Hayden Wallis
The Whos- Emily Axelson, Landon Burleson, Matthew Dalke, Dalton Guthrie, Sarah Jeffers, Lindsey Like,
Alexa Morgen, Autumn Sorrentino, Katelyn Stephenson
Cadets – Emily Axelson, Landon Burleson, Matthew Dalke, Alexa Morgen, Katelyn Stephenson,
The Grinch- Andrew Hensel
Circus McGurkus Performers- Emily Axelson, Drew Higgins, Ella Lark, Lindsey Like, Alexa Morgen,
Hunches- Emily Axelson, Landon Burleson, Alec Gurien, Holly Hyman, Sarah Jeffers, Nicholas Lee, Lindsey
Like, Alexa Morgen, Autumn Sorrentino, Katelyn Stephenson, Joey Tanega, Alexis Vigil

 Tech Crew Seussical the Musical

Tech will meet from 3-5 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Everyone is on build and paint until needed for other job. Please sign-in with a Stage Manager at every rehearsal.

Stage Manager Kayleigh Dees Assistant Stage Manager/ Run Crew Head Lauren Bebernes

Light Designer Ms. Elizabeth Rant

Light Board Operator Isaac M Vigil

Light Crew Justin Cash, Katelynn Durban, Isaac M Vigil, Blake Salli

Spotlight Operator Justin Cash

Sound Designer/Board Operator Jaycee Howard

Build Crew Josh Schmoll, Alayna Petty,  Mikki Mull, Zach Smith

Paint Crew Brianna Alva,  Sarah Hampson, Shelby Rosnar, Alayna Petty

Props/Run Crew Cadi Morgen, Katelynn Durban, Mikki Mull, Zach Smith,

Costume Crew Head Brittany Wallis

Costume Crew Eliza Martinez Rodriguez, Alayna Petty

Make Up Crew Head Shelby Rosnar

Usher Alicia Maestas


Want to see how Technical Theatre jobs progress?  Look at the link below to see where to start.  Crew heads start their work at the bottom and work their way up.  Where are you on the chart?  You need experience to work your way to the top!

Important Dates

August 18, 2017 3:30pm Ice Cream Social (Auditorium Lobby)
August 21, 2017 3:15pm Almost, Maine Auditions
October 4-6, 2017 7:00pm Almost, Maine Performances
October 9, 2017 3:15pm Thespian ShowcaseAuditions
November 27-28, 2017 3:15pm Seussical the Musical Auditions
November 30-December 1 7:00pm Thespian Showcase Performances
December 7-9, 2017 All Day Thespian Conference

February 23-24 , 2018 7:00pm Seussical the Musical Performances
March 2-3, 2018 7:00pm Seussical the Musical Performances
March 5, 2018 3:15pm 1984 Auditions
April 26-27, 2018 7:00pm 1984 Performances
May 7, 2018 6:00pm Final Curtain Banquet


Horizon Theatre Brochure 

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Telephone: 720-972-4501, 720-972-4502

Horizon High School Vision:The Horizon High School Community commits to success and respect for all through academic excellence, personal development, and lifelong learning by using innovative, collaborative, and effective practices.

Horizon Drama is a member of The International Thespian Society Troupe #5012 and an active member of The Colorado State Thespian Society.


 Office Use

Educational Theatre Association/International Thespian Society 2343 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45219, (513)421-3900