April 27 and 28, 2017


DUNCAN, King of Scotland               Brandon Cage
MACBETH,                                       David Wells
LADY MACBETH, his wife                Rachel VanArsdale
MACDUFF,                                       Luigi Brau
LADY MACDUFF, his wife                Katelynn Flynn
MALCOLM, elder son of Duncan        Kyle Lawrence
DONALBAIN, younger son of Duncan Kennedy Lancaster
BANQUO                                          Vince Dang
FLEANCE, his son                             AJ Gurien
LENNOX, nobleman of Scotland         Rachel Chadez
ROSS, nobleman of Scotland               Autumn Sorrentino

SEARGANT                                      Carrie Brewer
MENTEITH nobleman of Scotland       Blake Salli
ANGUS, nobleman of Scotland           Josh Burr
CAITHNESS, nobleman of Scotland    Mario Navarra
SIWARD, Earl of Northumberland,      Carrie Brewer
YOUNG SIWARD, his son                 Joey Tanega
SEYTON, attendant to Macbeth           Jade Cash
HECATE, Queen of the Witches          Krystan Hamman
Witch 1                                              Savannah Fillerup

Witch 2                                              Aubrey Tafoya

Witch 3                                              Francesca Martinez

Boy, Son of Macduff                           Riley Wallis
Gentlewoman for on Lady Macbeth      Kennedy Lancaster
Scottish Doctor of Lady Macbeth         Brandon Cage
A Porter                                             Carrie Brewer
An Old Man                                       Alyssa Derouen
The Ghost of Banquo/Apparitions        Vince Dang
Murderer 1/ Lord                                 Josh Burr

Murderer 2/Lord                                 Blake Salli

Murderer 3/Lord                                 Mario Navarra

Messenger/Servant/Attendant              Mikki Mull

English Doctor/ Lord/                          Josh Carpenter

Messenger to Lady MacDuff


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