2009 – 2010 Season

The Government Inspector, October 1-2, 2009
Dancing at Lughnasa, November 12-13, 2009
Colorado State Thespian Conference, December 10-12, 2009
Spring Musical, Sweet Charity, Feb. 18-20, 2010
Almost, Maine , April 8-9, 2010
Final Curtain

the government inspector

Written by: Nikolai Gogoal, Adapted by Peter Raby
Production Dates: October 1-2, 2009

Guthrie Theatre Study Guide Show Poster Show Program

Role Actor (grade)
Ivan Alexandreyevich Hlestekov John King (10)
Osip, His Servant Spencer Spotts (09)
Anton Antononovich, The Mayor Brandon Lopez (11)
Anna Andreyevna, His wife Nicole Campbell (11)
Marya Antonovna, Their daughter Nikki Romero (12)
Grusha, Their maid Marissa Keeran (12)
The Judge Riley Radeke (11)
The School Principal Chris Rittenhouse (11)
The Hospital Director Austin Roger (09)
Dobchinsky Hailey Otis (10)
Bobchinsky Kalin Robbins (11)

Kaige Sellers (11)

The Doctor Trevor Mares (09)
The Inn Keeper’s Wife Emily Gould (11)
The Waitress Ally Daubenspeck (12)
Svetsunov, The police chief Drew Meile (10)
Constable 1/Abdullin Cody Behrens (11)
Constable 2/ Penelaeyev Vanessa Wynne (12)
Constable 3/Chernaeyev

Kristen Kingham (12)

The Locksmith’s Wife Elena Macias (10)
An Imperial Messenger Trenton Spillman (09)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Ast. Tech Director Mr. Matt Henderson*
Light Operator Tim Mack (09)
Stage Managers Josie Hohorf (09) & Hannah Richa (09)
Tech Crew Mr. Corey Willis*, Tim Mack (09), Izabeau Hunt (09), Katlyn Nail (11), Josie Hohorf (09), Kate Beckett (12), Hannah Richa (09), Gabbi Smathers (09), Anthony Smith (09), Connor Pearce (10), Branson Gonzales (10), Chelbi Faucz (10), Briaunna Ellington (11), Taylor Kidder (11)
Pictures from the Show

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Dancing at lughnasa

Written by: Brian Friel
Production Dates: November 12-13, 2009

Show Poster

Kate Nicole Campbell (11)*
Margaret Kalin Robbins (12)

Emily Gould (11)

Rose Kelley Ahlberg (12)
Chris Nikki  Romero (12)
Father Jack Kaige Sellers (10)
Gerry Drew Meile (10)*

Isaac Sargent (10)

Director Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager/Ast. Tech Mr. Jay Seller
Lighting Tim Mack (09)
Sound Ally Daubenspeck (12)*
Stage Managers Hannah Richa (09), Josie Holtorof (09)
Dramaturgy Mrs. Jodi Papproth
Tech Crew

Hailey Otis (10), Taylor Kidder (11), Briaunna Ellington (11), Connor Pearce (10), Melissa Murphy (10), Riley Radeke (11), Chris Rittenhouse (11), Brandon Lopez (11)*, Alia Jorgenson (10), Shelby Smith (10)

Pictures from the Show
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Colorado State Thespian Conference

Production Dates: December 10-12, 2009

Chelbi Faucz
Nicole Campbell
Ally Daubenspeck
John King
Austin Rogers
Nikki Romero
Branson Gonzales
Kaige Sellers
Drew Meile
Kalin Robbins
Brandon Lopez
Spencer Spotts
Chris Rittenhouse
Cody Behrens
Vanessa Wynne
Kristen Kingham
Hailey Ottis
Marisa Keeran
Riley Radeke
Tim Mack
Emily Gould

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Sweet Charity, Spring Musical

Book by Neil Simon

Lyrics by Dorothy Fields

Music by Cy Coleman

Originally directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse

First produced at the Palace Theatre, New York, on January 29, 1966, with Gwen Verdon as "Charity," John McMartin as "Oscar," Helen Gallagher as "Nickie," Thelma Oliver as "Helene," James Luisi as "Vidal," and Arnold Soboloff as "Daddy."
Production Dates: Feb. 18-20, 2010

Show Poster

Show Program


Charity Hope Valentine

Emily Gould (11)*


Nikki Romero (12)*


Nicole Campbell (11)*


Kalin Robbins (11)

Vittorio Vidal

Brandon Lopez (11)*


Anthony Smith (09)


Drew Meile (11)*

Fandango Hostesses Suzanne

Michelle Medina (12)

Fandango Hostesses Frenchy

Jayme Caro (11)

Fandango Hostesses Betsy

Jordan Thebe (12)

Rosie, Fandango 4

Jenna Eckerman (12)


Hailey Oats (10)*

Fandango Hostesses Shirley

Holly Martinez (12)
Fandango Hostesses Marissa Casados (09)
Fandango Hostesses Lexi Palazzari (11)

Daddy Brubeck/Dancer 7

Mark Bott (12)

Charlie/Voice on tape/Waiter/Dancer 2

John King (10)*

Man Panhandler/Doorman/Dancer 3

Tyler Dickhausen (09)

Marvin/Man waiting on Elevator/Dancer 4

Cody Behrens (10)

Married Woman/First Woman

Kathryn Regas (09)

Married Man/Manfred/Dancer 5

Chris Rittenhouse (10)
Information Girl/Dancer Kaittlyn Rattliff (10)
Barney/First Cop/Dancer Riley Radeke (11)
Second Cop/Dancer 6 Kaige Sellers (11)*
Rich Man’s Frug & Rhythm Dancers Vanessa Wynne (12), Kaige Sellers (11), Riley Radeke (11), Kaittlyn Rattliff (10), Hailey Oats (10), Chris Rittenhouse (10), Kathryn Regas (09), Cody Behrens (10), Tyler Dickhausen (09), Spencer Spotts (09), John King (10), Mark Bott (12), Anthony Smith (09), Brandon Lopez (11), John Nvenhaus (09), Ally Daubenspeck (12), Kristen Kingham (12), and the Fandango Dancers.
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Orchestra Director Mr. Bob Wagner
Vocal Director Dr. Greg Cannaday
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Choreographer Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Costumes / House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis*
Sound & Lighting Designer Mr. Mark Payne*
Light Tech Tim Mack (09)
Technical Crew Briaunna Ellington (11), Taylor Kidder (11), Connor Pearce (10), Alia Jorgenson (10), Austin Rogers (09)*, Spencer Spotts (09), Michelle Saal (09), Sadie Muncy (09), Tim Mack (09)*, Josie Hohorf (09), Hannah Richa (09)
Orchestra Members

Jason Rhoades (11), Bass Trombone; Andre Baker (10), Violin; Danielle Burton (12), Violin; Tim Regas (11), Percussion; Robert Gonzales (12), Flute, Alto Saxophone; Patrick Sal (12), Clarinet, Flute; Jacob Heartman (12), Second Tenor, Flute; Mark Sakaguchi (12), Keyboard; Alessandro Pineda (12), Guitar; Nick Lemaire (11), Trombone; Steven Haberer (12), Trumpet; Carey Wilkening (12), Trumpet; Craig Wagle (12), Trumpet; Emily Haupt (12), Trumpet; Alyssa Duran (12), Trumpet; Miles Brown (12), Bass; Mark Drotar (12), Bass Clarinet; David Hanson (11),Trombone; and Anthony Nguyen (12), Percussion

Pictures from the Show

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Almost, Maine

Written by: John Cariani
Production Dates: April 8-9, 2010

Ginette Emily Gould (11)
Pete Chris Rittenhouse (11)
Act One – Her Heart  
East Cody Behrens (11)
Glory Nicole Campbell (11)*
Sad and Glad  
Jimmy John King (10)*
Sandrine Emily Gould (11)
Villian Kaitlyn Ratliff (10)
This Hurts  
Marvalyn Nicole Campbell (11)*
Steve Spencer Spotts (09)
Getting It Back  
Gayle Emily Gould (11)
Lendall Brandon Lopez (11)*
Pete Chris Rittenhouse (11)
Act Two – They Fell  
Chad Drew Meile (11)*
Randy Brandon Lopez (11)*
Where It Went  
Phil Tyler Dickhausen (09)
Marci Taylor Peterson (12)
Story of Hope  
Daniel John King (10)*
Hope Kaitlyn Ratliff (10)
Seeing The Thing  
Dave Cody Behrens (11)
Rhonda Nicole Campbell (11)*
Pete Chris Rittenhouse (11)
Ginette Emily Gould (11)
Director Dr. Jay Seller
Lighting Tim Mack (09)*
Stage Managers Josie Hohorf (09) & Hannah Richa (09)
Pictures from the Show

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Final Curtain

Production Dates: April 8-9, 2010

Most Promising Freshman Marissa Casados, Specer Spotts
Most Promising Sophomore John King, Kaitlyn Ratliff
Best Dancer Holly Martinez
Best Techie Tim Mack, Melissa Murphey
Best Leading Actor Drama Nicole Campbell, Brandon Lopez
Best Supporting Acting Drama Kaige Sellers, Kalin Robbins
Best Actor Musical Anthony Smith, Emily Gould
Best Supporting Musical Brandon Lopez, Nicole Campbell
Best Comical Thespian Kalin Robbins, Cody Behrens
Most Unusual & Theatrical Drew Meile, Katlyn Ratliff
Most Likely to Succeed Brandon Lopez, Nicole Campbell
Best Walk-On’s Tyler Dickhausen, Jenna Eckerman
Best Scene – Almost Maine They Fell & Seeing the Thing
New Thespian Members Hailey Otis, Kaige Sellers, Tim mack, Cody Behrens, Austin Rogers, and Spencer Spotts
2010 Lettering Students Chris Rittenhouse, Brandon Lopez, Nicole Campbell, Tim Mack, Alley Daubenspeck, and Hailey Otis
Director Dr. Jay Seller & Mrs. Brittany Wallis

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