2008 – 2009 Season

Don’t Dress for Dinner, Oct. 2-3, 2008
A Christmas Carol, Nov. 20-21, 2008
Colorado State Thespian Conference, Dec. 4-6, 2008
Thoroughly Modern Millie, Feb. 26-28, 2009
Spinning into Butter , April 9-10, 2009

Don’t Dress for dinner, a farce

Written by: Marc Camoletti, translated by Robin Hawdon
Production Dates: october 2 & 3, 2008

About the show: Playwright Robin Hawdon took on the formidable task of translating Marc Camoletti’s charming French comedy, whose English title is Don’t Dress for Dinner, into English. A comedy, which is amusing in one language may be a failure when converted to another.  Britisher Hawdon not only has brought  this “Boulevard Comedy” to her native tongue; she has given us alliterations and puns, sparkling the play’s language into a multi-faceted diamond.

The plot is simplicity itself.  Jacqueline is leaving for the weekend to visit her mother while Bernard, her husband, is having a tryst, in their converted barn-home, with his mistress, Suzanne.  His friend, Robert, who was his best man at his wedding to Jacqueline and currently her lover, decides to spend the  weekend.  Add that the caterer has sent over their best chef, a Cordon Bleu graduate, Suzette. In the second act George, Suzette’s husband enters into the confusion. Now wasn’t that  simple?

Program from the show

Poster from the show

Suzette (Chef) Ashley Dean (12)*
Robert (Bernard’s friend) VJ Lucero (12)*
Suzanne (Mistress to Bernard) Nicole Campbell (10)*
George (Suzette’s husband) Drew Meile (10)*
Bernard (Husband) Luke Veitel (12)*
Jacqueline (Bernard’s wife) Sarah Reynolds (12)*
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Student Director James Chestnut (12)*
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager & Assistant Mrs. Brittany Wallis*
Lights Matt Henderson (12) & Cory Wills (12)
Sound Cory Wills (12) & Matt Henderson (12)
Tech Crew katlyn Nail, Deanne Stevenson, Dustin Gottmann, Ashley Fields, Chris Rittenhouse
Scenic Design and Consturction

Denver Center for the Performing ArtsTechnical Division

Pictures from the Show

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A Christmas Carol

Story by: Charles Dickens
Production Dates: Nov. 20-21, 2008

Poster for the show

Ebenezer Scrooge Justin Melton (12)
Nephew Fred Brant Crosby (12)
Bob Cratchet VJ Lucero (12)*
Mrs. Cratchet Ashley Dean (12)*
Gentleman 1/ Fezziwig Suitor/ Businessman 1 Nikko Gonzales (12)
Gentleman 2/ Business Man 2 Matt Chitwood (12)
Village Woman 1/ Orson’s Mother/ Niece’s Sister Kalin Robbins (10)
Village Woman 2/ Valentine’s Mother/ Laundress Desiree Brown (12)
Village Man 2/ Valentine’s Fathe/ Fezziwig Suitor Bryce McMillan (12)
Singing Boy John King (9)
Young girl Hayden Wallis (Kdg)
Caroline/ Undertaker’s woman Elise Kelly (12)
Caroline’s Husband/ Man with Violin Jamie Tobin (12)
Jacob Marley James Chestnut (12)*
Tiny Tim Quincy Hansen (01)
Ghost of Christmas Past Ashley Fields (12)
Scrooge as a young boy Cameron Campbell (03)
Valentine/Peter Cratchet Dustin Gottman (12)*
Orson Beau Wise (04)
Fan( Scrooge’s sister)/ Gillian Cratchet Sarah Reynolds (12)*
Scrooge, Young man/older Niko Gonzalez (12)
Belle/ Niece- in- law Nicole Campbell (10)*
Fezziwig/Christmas yet to Come Keith Stillman (12)
Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman Sara Latham (12)*
Fezziwig Daughter 1/ Miranda Cratchet/ Kim Hoeben (12)
Fezziwig Daughter 2/ Belinda Cratchet Allison Evans (11)
Fezziwig Daughter 3/ Martha Cratchet Chelbi Faucz (9)
Ghost of Christmas Present Emily Gould (10)
Old Joe Chris Rittenhouse (10)
Director Mrs. Brittany Wallis*
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley*
House Manager Mr. Jay Seller *
Lights Matt Henderson (12)*
Sound Cory Wills (12)*
Student Director Deanne Stevenson (12)*
Pictures from the Show

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Colorado State Thespian Conference

Location: Colorado Convention Center & the Hyatt Hotel
Production Dates: Dec. 4-6, 2008



Drew Meile, James Chestnut, Bryce McMillan, Niko Gonzales, Brant Crosby, Brandon Lopez, Sarah Reynolds, Elise Kelly, Kim Hoeben, Nikki Romero, Matt Henderson, Cory Wills, John King, Chris Rittenhouse, Nicole Campbell, Deanne Stevenson, Ember Bryce, Alison Daubenspeck, Vanessa Wynne, Kalin Robbins, Rachael Perkowsky, VJ Lucero, Keith Stillman, Lucas Veitel

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Thoroughly Modern Millie

Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan, New Music by Jeanine Tesori, and New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan. Original story and screenplay by Richard Morris for the universal Pictures Film.

Produced by Special Arrangements with Music Theatre International

Production Dates: Feb. 26-28, 2009

YouTube Video – Gimme, Gimme

YouTube Video – Forget About The Boy

Program from the Show


Millie Dillmount

Ashley Dean (12)*

Jimmy Smith

VJ Lucero (12)*

Ruth/Speed Tappist 1

Elise Kelley (12)

Gloria/Speed Tappist 2

Cameron Grimm (12)

Rita/Speed Tappist 3

Britani Overman (11)

Cora/Speed Tappist 4

Chelba Faucz (09)

Lucille/Speed Tappist 5

Ashlet Fields (12)

Ethel Peas/Speed Tappist 6

Vanessa Wynne (11)
Daphne/Speed Tapist 7 Ally Daubenspeck (11)

Mrs. Meers

Desiree Brown (12)

Miss Dorothy Brown

Emily Gould (10)

Ching Ho

Brandon Lopez (11)*

Bun Foo

Niko Gonzales (12)*

Miss Flannery/Pearl Lady

Kristen Kingham (11)
Mr. Trevor Graydon James Chestnut (12)*


Deanne Stevenson (12*

The Letch/Modern/Muzzy’s Boy

Justin Melton (12)

Policeman/Modern/Muzzy’s Boy

Matt Chitewood (12)

Muzzy Van Hossmere

Nicole Campbell (10)*

George Gershwin/ Modern/Muzzy’s Boy

Brant Crosby (12)

Modern/Muzzy’s Boy

Dustin Grottmann (12)

Kenneth/Modern/Muzzy’s Boys

Alex Tomsick (09)
Dexter/Modern/Muzzy’s Boys John King (09)

Mathilde/Speed Tapist 8

Miranda Laabs (10)

New Modern/Speed Tapist 9

Nikki Romero (11)

Rodney/Modern/Muzzy’s Boys

Drew Meile (10)*

Moderns/Muzzy’s Boys

Dustin Grottmann (12), Bryce McMillian (12), Jamie Tobin (11), Chris Rittenhouse (10), and Cody Behrens (09)
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Students Assistant deanne Stevenson*
House Manager & Costumes Mrs. Brittany Wallis*
Choreographer Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Sound Designer Mr. Mark Payne* ACAaudio.com
Lighing Designer Mr. Travis Roth* PSI Lighting
Spot Light Operators Cory Wills and Matt Henderson*
Orchestra Conductor Mr. Robert Wagner
Vocal Director Mr. Larry Meerdink
Tech Crew laryn Nienhaus (09), Alia Jorgenson (09), Sharron Sedbrook (09), Connor Pearce (09), Emily Stewart (09)
Pictures from the Show

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spinning into butter

Written by: Rebecca Gilman
Production Dates: April 9-10, 2009 (Limited seating, performed 3/4 Thrust on stage)

About the Story: Set on a college campus in Vermont, Spinning into Butter is a new play by a major young American playwright that explores the dangers of both racism and political correctness in America today in a manner that is at once profound, disturbing, darkly comic, and deeply cathartic. Rebecca Gilman challenges our preconceptions about race relations, writing of a liberal dean of students named Sarah Daniel’s who investigates the pinning of anonymous, clearly racist letters on the door of one of the college’s few African American students. The stunning discovery that there is a virulent racist on campus forces Sarah, along with other faculty members and students, to explore her feelings about racism, leading to surprising discoveries and painful insights that will rivet and provoke the reader as perhaps no play since David Mamet’s Oleanna has done.

Program from the Show

Study Guide from DCPA

Poster from the Show

Dean Sarah Daniels Nicole Campbell (10)
Patrick Chibas VJ Lucero (12)*
Ross Collins Mark Bott (11)
Dean Burton Strauss James Chestnut (12)*
Dean Catherine Kenney Ashley Dean (12)*
Mrs. Meyers Deanne Stevenson (12)*
Greg Sulivan Jamie Tobin (12)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Lights & Sound Cory Wills (12) & Matt Henderson (12)
Tech Crew laryn Nienhaus (09), Alia Jorgenson (09), Sharron Sedbrook (09), Connor Pearce (09), Emily Stewart (09)
Pictures from the Show

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Final Curtain

May 7, 2009 Potluck and BBQ Award Winners

Pictures from the Show

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