2006 – 2007 Season

Inherit the wind,October 12-13, 2006
One Acts, November 16-17, 2006
Winter Showcase, November 16-17, 2006
Thespian Conference, nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2006
Spring Musical Anything Goes!, Feb. 22-24, 2007
As Bees in the Honey Drown, Apr 19-20, 2007
Final Curtain IV, May 10, 2007
Festival Mainstage, Lincoln NE – June 2007

Inherit the Wind

Written by: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
Production Dates: October 12-13, 2006

Melinda Ashley Dean (10)
Howard Blair VJ Lucero (10)
Rachel Brown Bethany Kelly (12)
Deputy Meeker Sarah Reynolds (10)
Bertram Cates Anthony Gianna (12)
Mr. Goodfellow, Juror #9 John Caraway (11)
Mrs. Kerbs, Juror #8 Ashley Pennington (11)
Rev. Jeremiah Brown Brant Crosby (10)
Corkin, Juror #7 Connor Pulliam (12)
Mrs. Phillis Bollinger, Juror #11 Sarah Williams (12)
Mrs. Bannister, Juror #6 Danielle Brown (12)
Mrs. Loomis , Juror #5 Crystal Sullivan (10)
Hawker, Juror #10 Samantha Varvir (10)
Mrs. McClain , Juor #4 Sara Latham (10)
Mrs. Blair Sadie Pepler (12)
Elijah, Juror #3 Kevin Lerma (12)
Elizabeth Hornbeck Catherine Chengery (12)
Matthew Harrison Brady Patrick Wills (12)
Mrs. Sarah Brady Melynie Campbell (10)
Tom Davenport James Miller (09)
Henry Drummond Louis Casados (12)*
Judge Merle Tim Coates (12)
Jess H. Dunlap Justin Melton (10)
George Sillers, Juror #1 James Chestnut (10)
Reuter’s British Reporter Amethyst Carpenter (12)
Television Crew Sara Cobbs (12)
Juror #12 Derek Miles (11)
Juror #11 Justin Wood (12)
Court Reporter Catherine Tommins (11)
Townsfolks & Spectators Ky Lehecka, Erin Chartier (10)
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Assistant & Character Director Ms. Kristine Lazarini*
Stage Manager Elizabeth Osbourne
House Manager Mrs. Wallis*
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Lighting Director Chris Hong (12)
Sound Director Ms. Kat McCusker
Tech Crew

Louis Casados*, James Chestnut*, Corey Wills (10)

Pictures from the Show

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One Act: Birth of Some

Written by: David Lloyd Crowder Director Louis Casados (12)*
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006

Miss Rush Lauren Mies (09)
Mr. LM Derek Epstien (11)*
Miss TB Erin Chartier (10)
Miss WE Sara Latham (10)
Mr. HH VJ Lucero (10)*
Mrs. DP Sara Cobb (12)*
Mr. BBJ James Miller (11)
Leading Scientist Justin Milton (10)
Leading Doctor Jordahn Haines (10)

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One Act: Actor’s Nightmare

Written by: Christopher Durang
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006 Directed by Kristen Lazzarini

George Spelvin James Chestnut (10)*
Meg Sarah Reynolds (10)*
Sarah Siddons Bethany Kelly (12)
Eleanor Terry Danielle Brown (12)*
Henry Irving Kevin Lerma (12)*

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One Act: Phillip Glass buys a Loaf of Bread

Written by: David Ives Directed by Kristen Lazzarini
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006

First Woman Bethany Kelly (12)*
Second Woman Catherine Chengery (12)
Phillip Glass Louis Casados (12)*
Baker Anthony Gianna (12)*

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One Act: Small World

Written by: Tracy Wilson Directed by Brittany Wallis
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006

Man One Josh Harbert (11)
Man Two Noah Strozier (12)*
Man Three John Caraway (11)*
Woman One Cailin Weller (10)
Woman Two Ashley Pennington (11)
Woman Three Sadie Pepler (12)

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One Act: The Love Doctor

Written by: Moliere Directed by Brittany Wallis
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006

Sgnarelle Patrick Wills (12)*
Lucinda Ashley Dean (10)
Lisette Melanie Campbell (11)
Clitander Cody Peck (12), Louis Casados (12)*
Lucrece Brittany Hansen (12)
Madamemoiselle Aminte Sara Cobb (12)*
Redew VJ Lucero (10)*
Lapidare Robert Huntley (11)
Dr. Blabber Justin Wood (12)*
Dr. Bleeder Conner Pullman (12)
Dr. Grumble Sarah Reynolds (10)*
Dr. Mumble Crystal Sullivan (10)
Dr. Lastgasp Samantha Varvir (11)*
A Quack Sara Latham (10)
A Notary Derek Miles (12)*

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Winter Showcase

Written by: Various Playwrights
Production Dates: November 16-17, 2006

Monologue Robert Huntley (11)
Solo Musical "I’ll Never Walk Alone" Carousel Melynie Campbell (11)
Duet Musical Louis Casados (12)* & Pat Wills (12)*
Monologue James Chestnut (10)
Solo Musical "Worse things I could do" Grease Sara Cobb (12)*
Monologue Sara Reynolds (10)*
Solo Musical "I could have danced all night" My Fair Lady Ashley Dean
Monologue "Marvin’s Room" & "Company" Anthony Gianna (12)*
Solo Musical "Fine White Horse" Secret Garden Jenni Gooch (12)
Monologue Derek Epstein (11)*
Monolgoue Noah Strozier (12)*
Monologue "After Ashley" Catherine Chengery (12)*
Solo Musical "Can’t Help Loving That Man" Show Boat Danielle Brown (12)*
Directors Mrs. Wallis, Mr. Seller & Ms. Lazzarini
Lights & Sound Chris Hong (12)

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Thespian conference

Production Dates: November 30-December 2, 2006

Esteban Romero, Nikko Gonzales, Daniel Risinger, Robert Huntley, Jenni Gooch, Conner Pulliam, Ashley Dean, John Caraway, Derek Epstein, James Chestnut, Justin Wood, Derek Miles, Crystal Sullivan, Ashley Pennington, Melynie Campbell, VJ Lucero, Anthony Gianna, James Miller, Tim Coates, Louis Casados, Brant Crosby, Patrick Wills, Noah Strozier, Kevin Lerma, Sarah Reynolds, Sara Latham, Sara Cobb, Samantha Varvir, Catherine Chengery, Danielle Brown, Bethany Kelly
Pictures from the Show

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Spring Musical – Anything Goes!

Written by: Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter Production Dates: February 22-24, 2007

Produced by Special Arraqngment with Tams-Witmark Music Library

YouTube Video

Reno Sweeney Bethany Kelly (12)
Hope Harcourt Ashley Dean (10)
Evangeline Harcourt Melynie Campbell (11)
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh James Miller (11)
Elisha Whitney Justin Melton (10)
Billy Crocker Louis Casados (12)*
Moonface Martin Pat Wills (12)*
Erma Catherine Chengery (12)*
Luke James Chestnut (10)*
John Derek Miles (12)
S.S. American: Ship’s Captain Anthony Gianna (12)*
S.S. American: Ship’s Purser Ashley Pennington (11)
Angel Purity – Dancer Brittany Truax (10)
Angel Chastity – Dancer Nikki Romero (09)
Angel Charity – Dancer Danielle Fulgham (12)
Angel Virtue – Dancer Desiree Brown (10)
Angel Faith – Dancer Sara Cobb (12)
Angel Joy – Dancer Sarah Reynolds (10)
Sailor #1 – Dancer Brant Crosby (10)
Sailor #2 – Dancer John Caraway (11)
Sailor #3 – Dancer Noah Strozier (12)
Sailor #4 – Dancer Kevin Lerma (12)
Sailor #5 – Dancer Niko Gonzales (10)
Sailor #6 – Dancer VJ Lucero (10)
Fred Justin Wood (12)
Henry T. Dobson David Bonicelle (09)
Reporter #1 Danielle Brown (12)
Reporter #2 Sara Latham (10)
News Photographer Megan Sullivan (12)
FBI Agent #1 Sam Varvir (11)
FBI Agent #2 Tasha Trembath (12)
Passenger/Old Lady Elise Kelly (10)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Vocal Director Mr. Larry Meerdink
Orchestra Director Mr. Bob Wagner
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Choreographer Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Lighting & Sound Design Mr. Mark Payne & Mr. Jason Hoke
Lighting Director Chris Hong (12)
Sound Director Mr. Mark Payne
Technical Crew Anthony Gianna, Louis Casados, Derek Epstein, James Miller, Bethany Kelly, Justin Melton, Pat Wills, James Chestnut, Derek Miles, Anthony Gianna, Ashley Penington, Niko Gonzales, David Bonicelle
Pictures from the Show
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As bees in honey drown / Senior Show

Written by: Douglas Carter Beane
Production Dates: April 19-20, 2007

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Evan Wyler Anthony Gianna (12)*
Alexa Vere de Vere Catherine Chengery (12)*
Photographer/Swen/Clerk/Waiter Kevin Lerma (12)*
Morris Kaden Patrick Wills (12)*
Ronald/Skunk/Mike Stabinsky Noah Strozer (12)*
Back-up Singer/News Stand/ Muse/Secretary/Bethany/Ginny Sara Cobb (12)*
Illya/Denise/Muse/Amber Danielle Brown (12)*
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Stage Manager Sarah Reynolds (10)*
House Manager Mrs. Wallis
Tech Director Anthony Gianna (12)*
Lighting Director Derek Epstein (11)*
Sound Director Chris Hong (12)*
Tech Crew VJ Lucero (10)*, James Chestnut (10)*, Elise Kelly (09)*, Sam Varvir (11)*, Sarah Reynolds (10)*, Sara Latham (10), Deanna Stevenson (10), James Milller (11)*
Pictures from the Show

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Final Curtain

Production Dates: May 10, 2007
Produced by: Mrs. Brittany Wallis and Mr. Jay Seller


Most Promising Freshman:

Nikki Romero
Most Promising Sophomore: VJ Lucero, Sarah Reynolds
Most Promising Junior: Melanie Campbell, James Miller
Best Sailor and Angel Dancer: Noah Strozier, Brittany Truax
Best Non-Dancer: Anthony Gianna
Best Theatrical Klutz: Danielle Brown
Best Techie: Anthony Gianna, Elizabeth Osbourne
Most Likely to Succeed: Louis Casados, Danielle Brown
Best Actor in a Leading Role: Patrick Wills, Catherine Chengery
Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Gianna & Kevin Lerma, Danielle Brown
Best Actor in a Musical: Louis Casados, Bethany Kelly
Best Supporting Actor Musical: Justin Melton & James Miller, Catherine Chengery & Melynie Campbell
2007 New Thespian Members: Sara Cobb (12), Sara Latham (10), James Chestnut (10), John Caraway (10), Catherine Chengery (12), Samantha Varvir (11), VJ Lucero (10), James Miller (11), Sarah Reynolds (10)
Lettering 2006/2007:

Bethany Kelly (12), Catherine Chengery (12), VJ Lucero (10), James Chestnut (10), Sara Latham (10), Sarah Reynolds (10), Samantha Varvir (11), Noah Strozier (12), Kevin Lerma (12), and Danielle Brown (12)

2007 Theatre Student: Patrick Wills
2007 Academic Student: Anthony Gianna
Thespian Honor Cord:

Louis Casados, Sara Cobb, Anthony Gianna, Patrick Wills, Brittany Hanson, Noel Storzier, Danielle Brown, Kevin Lerma, Elizabeth Osbourne

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The national cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie School Edition kicked off Festival in a thoroughly entertaining way Tuesday afternoon and evening. Lyricist Dick Scanlan and composer Jeanine Tesori were on hand for the show.

Here’s a bit of what Millie looked like:

Mrs. Meers, Bun Foo, and Ching Ho

Mrs. Meers (Rachel Buethe), Bun Foo (Louis Casados), and Ching Ho (Antonio Addeo) strut their stuff. (Photo: Susan Doremus)