2005 – 2006 Season

See How They Run, October 13-14, 2005
Night of One Acts November 18, 2005
Winter Showcase, November 29, 2005
Thespian Conference, December 1-3, 2005
Guys and Dolls, March 2-4, 2006
Fools, April 20-21, 2006
Final Curtain IV, April 200

See How They Run

Written by: Philip King
Production Dates: October 13-14, 2005, 7 p.m., $7 Students, $10 Adults
Produced by Special Permission with Samuel French

Ida (a Maid) Sara Williams (10)
Miss Skillon Gail Harris (12)*
The Reverend Lionel Toop Steven Rotramel (12)*
Penelope Toop (his wife) Amethyst Carpenter (11)
Corporal Clive Winton Louis Casadas (11)*
The Intruder James Chestnut (09)
The Bishop of Lax Cody Peck (12)
Reverend Arthur Humphrey Anthony Gianna (11)*
Sergeant Towers Patrick Wills (11)*
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Lighting Director Cory Wills (09)
Light/Sound Director Chris Hong (11)
Tech Crew Rachel Wilhite (10), Lacy Williams (10), Dan Risinger (11), Klaudia Scipior (9), Brant Crosby (9), Kayla Moran (10), Zachary Garrett (9), Jessica Limmel (10), Ian Glupker(11), Sadie Pepler (11), Kimberly Clift (11), Ashley Deluhery (9), Sarah Reyonlds (9), Justin Wood (11), Derek Miles (11), Victoria Mann (11), Emily Hotridge (9), Ashley Dean (9), Derek Epstein (10), Cory Rasmussen (10), Brandon Willis (9), Cory Wills (9), Nicole Bochert (10)
Director’s Assistant Megan Cain (12)*
Pictures from the Show

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Night of One Acts and Winter Showcase

Production Dates: November 18, 2005, 7 p.m.$5.00

Cast: Hold for Three, Written by Sherry Kramer
Scottie Ashley Dean( 9 )
Bartey Sarah Reynolds (9 )
Ed VJ Lucero ( 9)
Cast: Judgment Call, Written by Frederick Stroppel
Joe Patrick Wills (11 )
Harvey Louis Casados (11)
Frank Anthony Gianna (11)
Cast: Roadtrip, Written by Victoria Norman Brown
Julie Sara Williams (10)
Dave Steven Rotramel (12)
Cast: Slop-Culture, Written by Robb Badlam
Brian Esteban Romero (11)
Dylan Kevin Lerma (11)
Danielle Samantha Varvir (10)
Cindy Danielle Brown (11)
Director Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Student Directors/Understudies Esteban Romero 11, Sara Cobb 11
Technical Director/House Mr. Jay Seller
Lighting/Sound Director Chris Hong (11)and Cory Wills(09)
Tech Crew Derek Epstein (09)
Pictures from the Show

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Winter Showcase

Production Dates: November 29, 2005

Monologue "Misplaced Angel" Mary Gerstner (11)
Duet "Grass is Greener" Sara Cobb (11) & Tasha Trembath (11)
Solo "Once Upon a Dream" Katie Heckenbach (12)
Solo "If I were a Bell" Kelli Stern (12)
Monologue "My Civil Rights" Noah Strozier (11)
Solo "Lost in the Darkness" Patrick Wills (11)
Duet Scene "Our Hearts" Sara Cobb (11) & Tasha Trembath (11)
Solo "Can’t Say No" Brittany Hansen (11)
Solo "Purpose" Louis Casados (11)
Monologue "San Diego" Anthony Gianna (11)
Solo "Dressing Them Up" Steven Rotramel (12)

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Thespian Conference

Directed by: Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Production Dates: December 1-3, 2005

Colorado Convention Center and the Adams Mark Hotel

Attendees:Kevin Lerma, James Chestnut, Noah Strozer, Patrick Wills, Anthony Gianna, Esteban Romero, John Caraway, VJ Lucero, Justin Wood, Derek Miles, Jack Garrett, Daniel Risinger, Bethany Kelly, Danielle Brown, Kellie Stern, Gail Harris, Katie Heckenbach, Mary Gerstner, Megan Cain, Sarah Williams, Ashley Dean, Jenni Gooch, Tasha Trembath, Kelsey Remme, Sara Cobb, Emily Hathridge, Sarah Reynolds, Elizabeth Osbourne, Samantha Varvir, Shannon Fohrd, Brittany Hanson, Louis Casados, Steven Rotramel

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Guys and Dolls

Music and Lyrics by: Frank Loesser
Book by: Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows

Based on a story and characters by: Damon Runyon

Production Dates: March 2-4, 2006, 7 p.m., $7 Students, $10

Produced by Special Permission with Music Theatre International

Nicely-nicely Johnson/Gambler Patrick Wills (11)*
Benny Southstreet/Gambler Daniel McMahon (11)
Rusty Charlie/Gambler Geoff Pabst (09)
Sarah Brown Christina Ibarra (12)
Arvide Abernathy Sara Williams (10)*
Martha/Mission Band Megan Sullivan (11)
Agatha/Mission Band Ashley Dean (09)
Calvin/Mission Band John Caraway (10)
Catherine/Mission Band Catherine Tommins (09)
Harry the Horse/Gambler Cody Peck (12)
Lt. Brannigan James Chestnut (09)
Nathan Detroit/Gambler Steven Rotramel (12)*
Angie the Ox/Gambler Kevin Lerma (11)*
Miss Adelaide Kellie Stern (12)*
Sky Masterson/Gambler Louis Casados (11)*
Joey Biltmore/Gambler Justin Wood (11)
Mimi/Master of Ceremonies Catherine Chengery (11)
General B. Cartwright Sara Cobb (11)
Big Jule/Gambler Joe Fieke (11)
Waiter Anthony Gianna (11)*
Cuban Dancers Anthony Gianna (11)*, Catherine Tommins (09)
Hot Box Dolls/Ensemble Actors Bethany Kelly (11), Sarah Reynolds (09), Katie Heckenbach (12), Cassie Garcia (09), Ky Lehecka (09)
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis*
Student Director Anthony Gianna (11)*
Lighting & Sound Designer Mr. Mark Payne*
Lighting Operator Mr. Jason Hoke*
Sound Operator Chris Hong (11)
Stage Manager Elizabeth Osbourne (11)*
Tech Crew Deanne Stevenson (09), Jona Lund (09), Jenny Gooch (09), Cory Wills (10), Scott Meis (10), Megan Cain (12)*
Pictures from the Show

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Written by: Neil Simon
Production Dates: April 20-21, 7 p.m., $8 students, $10

Setting: Long Ago, Place: The village of Kulyenchikov

Produced by Special Permission with Samuel French

Leon Tolchinsky(Teacher) Anthony Gianna (11)* / Louis Casados (11)*
Snetsky (Shepherd) Conner Pullian (11) / VJ Lucero (09)
Magistrate Justin Wood (11) / Kevin Lerma (11)*
Slovitch (Butcher) Derek Miles (11) / James Chestnut (09)
Mishkin (Postmaster) Nikko Gonzales (09) / John Caraway (10)*
Yenchna (Vendor) Kellie Stern (12)* / Christina Ibarra (12)
Dr. Zubritsky (Doctor) Steven Rotramel (12)* / Patrick Wills (11)*
Lenya Zubritsky (Dr’s Wife) Catherine Chengery (11) *
Sophia Zubritsky (Daughter) Bethany Kelly (11) / Ashley Dean (09)
Gregor Yousekevitch (suitor) Paul Westerhold (11) / Tim Coates (10)*
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Directors Assistants Sara Cobb (11), Sarah Reynolds (09), Samantha Varvir (10)
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Lighting Director Chris Hong (11)
Sound Director Sarah Reynolds (09) & Samantha Varvir (10)
Poster Design Steven Rotramel (12)*
Tech Crew Nick Kernan (11), Derek Epstein (10), Ky Lehecka (09), Deanne Stevenson (09), Jennie Gooch (09), Sadie Pepler (11)
Stage Manager Sara Cobb (11), Sarah Reynolds (09)
Pictures from the Show

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Final Curtain Awards IV

Production Dates: May 8, 2006, Catering by Bennet’s BBQ

Most Promising Junior

Anthony Gianna, Bethany Kelly

Most Promising Sophomore

Sara Williams, John Caraway

Most Promising Freshman

VJ Lucero, Ashley Dean

Best Dancer

Katie Heckenbach

Theatre Lettering

Sara Williams, Sara Cobb, John Caraway, Kevin Lerma, Tim Coates, Anthony Gianna

New ITS Memberships

Catherine Chengery, John Caraway, Katie Hechenbach, Justin Wood, Sara Williams

Best Techie

Chris Hong

Most Likely to Succeed

Kellie Stern, Steven Rotramel

Best Comedic Actor/Actress

Steven Rotramel, Catherine Chengery

Best Supporting Actor/Actress

Christina Ibarra, Patrick Wills

Best Musical Actor/Actress

Steven Rotramel, Kellie Stern

Academic Theatre Student Award

Steven Rotramel

Theatre Student of the Year

Steven Rotramel

Thespian Honor Cord

Mary Gerstner, Katie Hechenbach, Gail Harris, Louis Casados

Students with enough points to Join the International Thespian Society

Victoria Mann, VJ Lucero, Kevin Lerma, Sarah Reynolds, Sara Cobb, Sara Williams, Ashley Dean, Niko Gonzales, Sam Varvir,, James Chesnut