2003 – 2004 Season

The Good Doctor
National Junior Thespian Conference, March 6-8, 2004
The Miser, April 15-16, 2004
Final Curtain Awards II, April 2004

The Good Doctor

Written by: Neil Simon
Production Dates: October 9-10, 2003

Narrator/Kuryatin/Peter/Father/Writer Scott Bailey (12)
Ilyitch Cherdyakov Ernest Apodaca (11)
General Mikhail Brassilhov Josh Connell (12)
Madame Brassilohov Chelsee Barden (09)
Madame Cherdyakov Lindsay Arnold (11)
Julia Kristin Robinson (12)
Mistress Jennifer Rotramel (12)
Sergie Vonmiglasov, sexton Michael Manning (10)
Man Gabe Chengery (12)
Woman Kellie Stern (10)
Nikolaich Taylor Carlson (12)
Irena Brittni Frederikson (12)
Sailor Steve Rotramel (10)
Policeman Kevin Lerma (09)
Nina Mikhailovna Zarechnaya Emily Mullins (09)
Assistant, Pochatkin Michelle Iverson (12)
Kisitunov Derek Miles (09)
Mistress Schukin Gail Harris (10)
Antosha Esteban Romero (09)
Girl Mary Gerstner (10)
Student Director Kelsey Olds (12)
Stage Managers Jonathan Hansen (12)
Lights and Sound Jason Hoke (12)
Pictures from the Show

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Book and Lyrics by: Alan Jay Lerner, based on "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White
Music by: Frederick Loewe
Production Dates: February 26-28, 2004

Arthur Patrick Wills (09)
Merlin Sebastian Peeples (11)
Guenevere Brittni Fredericksen (12)*
Lancelot Brian Sprague (12)*
Pellinore Scott Bailey (12)*
Mordred Louis Casados (09)
Morgan Le Fey Kristin Robinson (12)
Tom of Warwick Chris Prehn (09)
Sir Dinadan Steve Rotramel (10)*
Sir Sagramore Geoffrey Tidd (11)
Sir Lionel Michael Manning (11)
Squire Dap Esteban Romero (09)
Lady Anne Ashlie Harris (11)
Lady Catherine Lindsay Arnold (11)*
Lady Sybil Jayshree Sampalli (11)
Nimue Chelsee Barden (09)
Guilliam Andy Chambliss (12)
Bliant/Squire Rob Rohrig (12)
Colgrevance/Squire Josh Connell (12)*
Castor/Squire Andy Chambliss (12)
Clarius/Squire Kevin Lerma (09)
Herald/Page #1 Noah Strozier (09)
Herald/Page #2 Chance Coleman (12)
Herald/Page #3 John Varvir (12)
Ladies of Camelot Brittany Hanson (09), Jessica Avery (11), Jennifer Rotramel (12), Danielle Brown (09), Becky Crites (12), Tony Avery (12)
Director Mr. Jay Seller*
Student Director & Stage Manager Kelsey Olds (12)*
Vocal Director Mr. Larry Meerdink
Orchestra Director Mr. Bob Wagner & Jay Goodmanson
House Management Mrs. Wallis*
Choreographer Ms. Heather Pearman*
Rehearsal Accompanist Ms. Janice Culver
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley*
Lighting & Sound Designer Mr. Mark Payne*
Lights Jason Hoke (12)*
Sound Jessica Hagood (11)
Tree Design and Conception Compliments of the Denver Center Theatre Technical Division
Pictures from the Show

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The Miser

Written by: Moliere, translated by David Chambers
Production Dates: April 15-16, 2004 – 7PM

Valere Patrick Wills (09)
Elise Kristin Robinson (12)
Cleante Louis Casados (09)
Harpagon Scott Bailey (12)*
La Fleche Esteban Romero (09)
Master Simon Jason Hoke (12)*
Frosine Brittni Fredericksen (12)*
Master Jacques Michael Nitta (12)
Marianne Lindsay Arnold (11)*
Chief of Police Steven Rotramel (10)*
Anselme Josh Connel (12)*
Director Ms. Brittney Wallis
Assistant Director Kelsey Olds (12)*
House Manager Mr. Jay Seller
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Lights & Sound Jason Hoke (12)*, Brian Sprague (12)*
Pictures from the Show
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Final Curtain Awards II

Production Dates: May 18, 2004, Tuesday, Holiday Inn

Memorable Moments: The "Wallis Surprise", the guys lip syncing to Your a Big Girl Now, from Hairspray and the "Seller Surprise", a video of the theatre students dancing to My Milkshake brings the boys to the Yard.

Most Promising Junior Lindsay Arnold, Michael Manning
Most Promising Sophomore Steven Rotramel, Gail Harris
Most Promising Freshman Louis Casados, Chelsea Barden
Best Non-Dancer Esteban Romero
Theatre Lettering Steve Rotramel(03), Josh Connell(03), Louis Casados (04), Mary Gerstner(04), Lindsay Arnold(03)
New ITS Memberships Taylor Carlson, Brittni Frederickson, Esteban Romero, Ashlie Harris, Louis Casados
Best Techie Json Hoke, Kelsey Olds
Most Likely to Succeed Scott Bailey
Best Actor Kristin Robinson, Scott Bailey
Best Supporting Actor Louis Casados, Lindsay Arnold
Best Musical Actor Brittni Frederickson, Brian Sprague
Best Pit Dive Kristin Robinson
Best Quiet Theatre Student Kevin Lerma
Best Thespians Brittni Frederickson, Steven Rotramel, Kelsey Olds
Academic Theatre Student Award Scott Bailey & Josh Connell
Theatre Student of the Year Jason Hoke & Kelsey Olds
Thespian Honor Cord Kelsey Olds(03), Brittni Fredrickson(04), Scott Bailey(04), Jason Hoke(04), Steven Rotramel(04), Josh Connell(04), Lindsay Arnold(03)
ITS Members Josh Connell, Kelsey Olds, Scott Bailey, Lindsay Arnold, Jonathan Hanson, Mary Gerstner

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