2002 – 2003 Season

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson
Winter Showcase
Biloxi Blues
Final Curtain I Awards

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson

Written by: Jim Leonard
Published by: Dramatists Play Service, NY, NY
Setting/Time: Jackson, Indiana, late ’60s to early ’70s.
Production Dates: October 3-4, 2002

Elizabeth Willow Amanda Bucher (12)
Ben Willow Miles Batchelder (12)*
Beth Willow Rose Spanel (12)*
Skeeter Robins Steven Rotramel (09)
First Man, Woody, Timmy, Bobby Morgan, Sam, Boy Brian Thomas (12)*
Second Man, Reverend Peester, Billy Taylor Frank Breternitz (12)*
First Woman, Nancy Matthews, Claranelle, Judith Lindsay Arnold (10)*
Kid, Jeremy Michael Manning (10)
Russel Taylor, Daddy Brian Sprague (11)*
Moose Gabe Chengery (11)
2nd Woman, Maddie, Emma, Cindy White, Girl Brandie Urban (12)*
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Assistant to the Director Kelsey Olds (11)*
Lighting Director Jason Hoke (11)
Assistant Lighting Director Anthony Spanel (09), Nicole McPherson (12)
Lighting Consultant Mr. Mark Payne
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Costume Consultant Ms. Jessica Delcamp
Props Master Nicole McPherson (12)
Set Design and Conception Compliments of the Denver Center Theatre Technical Division
Tech Crew Malia Reeves (09), Andy Chamblass (11), Jennifer Saylor (10), Kayla Ortiz (09), Katie Heckenbach (09), Josh Connell (11), Katie Christianson (11), Kim Davenport (10), Heather Holcomb (10), Lici Ayala (12), Stephanie Hoffman (09), Maria Spaziani (10), Makeon Hosp (12)
Pictures from the Show

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Winter Showcase

Production Dates: November 26, 2002
Directors: Brittany Wallis and Jay Seller

The Horizon Thespians performed the opening number at the Colorado State Thespian conference and numerous competition pieces on the paramount Theatre Stage in downtown Denver. We welcomed back to the Horizon stage our featured vocalist Ms. Amber Ward, class of ’92. Costume parade courtesy of Norcostco Costumes.

Pictures from the Show

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Book, Music and Lyrics by: Lionel Bart
Production Dates: February 27-28 and March 1, 2003

Oliver! Opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre on January 6, 1963, and ran for 774 performances, based on the Charles Dickens story, "Oliver Twist."

Boy 1, Dodger (Jack Dawkins), Company Brandon Lopez (04)
Boy 2, Charley Bates, Company Cole Christensen (05)
Boy 3, Noah Claypole, Company Michael Manning (10)
Boy 4, Company Caleb Matthews (04)
Boy 5, Company Andy Chambless (11)
Mr. Bumble Brian Sprague (12)
Widow Corney Gail Harris (09)
Company, Pauper 1, Old Sally Mary Gerstner (09)
Company, Pauper 2, Old Lady Brandie Urban (12)
Oliver Max Eagle (05)
Mr. Sowerberry Taylor Carlson (11)
Mrs. Sowerberry Rose Spanel (12)
Charlotte Sowerberry, Company Kelsey Olds (11)
Fagin Brian Thomas (12)
Nancy Toni Avery (11)
Bet, Company Linella Coberley (12)
Bill Sykes Frank Breternitz (12)
Brownlow, Company Miles Batchelder (12)
Mrs. Bedwin, Company, Boy 6 Amanda Bucher (12)
Company, Strawberry Seller, Customer Britni Frederiksen (11)
Company, Knife Grinder, First Man, Customer Gabe Chengery (11)
Company, Chairman, Second Man, Porter Steve Rotramel (09)
Company, Old Hag, Vendors, Customer Loren Barton (12)
Company, Rose Seller, Tumblers, Customer Jessica Avery (10)
Company, Milkmaid, Vendors, Customer Kristin Robinson (11)
Company, Long Song Seller, Tumblers Pat Henson (12)
Company, Night Watchman, Porter, Customer Josh Connell (11)
Company, First Runner, Customer Scott Bailey (11)
Company, Second Runner Bradley Jenkins (12)
Company, Woman, Customer Katie Heckenbach (09)
Company, Man, Customer Jonathan Hanson (11)
Company, Tumblers, Customer Kellie Stern (09)
Company, Tumblers, Customer Megan Sturdevant (09)
Company, Tumblers, Customer Lisa Hong (09)
Company, Third Man Jeff Darchuk (12)
Company, Fourth Man Fred Wood (12)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Vocal Director Mr. Larry Meerdink
Orchestra Director Mr. Bob Wagner
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager, Acting Coach Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Choreographer Ms. Amber Boughton
Choreographer Amanda Bucher
Lighting/Sound Design Mr. Mark Payne
Lighting Technician Jason Hoke
Pictures from the Show

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Biloxi Blues

Written by: Neil Simon
Production Dates: April 10-11, 2003

A Tony Award-winning play, Biloxi Blues was first presented on December 8, 1984 at the Abrahmson Theatre in Los Angeles and on March 28, 1985 at the Neil Simon Theatre, New York City.

Roy Selridge Pat Henson (12)
Joseph Wykowski Frank Breternitz (12)
Don Carney Brian Sprague (11)
Eugene Morris Jerome Scott Bailey11)
Arnold Epstein Brian Thomas (12)
Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey Miles Batchelder (12)
James Hennesey Jeff Darchuk (12)
Rowena Linella Coberly (12)
Daisy Hannigan Amanda Bucher (12)
Student Director Rose Spanel (12)
Stage Manager Kelsey Olds (11)
Stage Manager Steve Rotamel (10)
Director Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mr. Jay Seller
Pictures from the Show

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Final Curtain I Awards

Production Dates: May 2003

Most Promising Junior Scott Bailey
Most Promising Sophomore Michael Manning
Most Promising Freshman Steve Rotramel
Best Dancer Amanda Bucher
Best Non-Dancer Fred Wood
Theatre Lettering 2003 Linella Coberley, Steve Rotramel, Brandie Urban, Josh Connell, Lici Alaya
New ITS Memberships 2003 Josh Connell, Linella Coberly, Steve Rotramel, Mary Gerstner, Jonathan Hanson, Scott Bailey
Best Techie 2003 Nicole McPherson
Most Likely to Succeed Amanda Bucher, Scott Bailey, Miles Batchelder
Best Actor 2003 Brian Thomas, Amanda Bucher
Best Supporting Actor 2003 Frank Breternitz, Linella Coberley, Miles Batchelder
Best Musical Actor 2003 Brian Thomas, Rose Spanel
Best Thespians 2003 Brian Thomas, Maegan Parker
Academic Theatre Student Award 2003 Brandie Urban, Todd Tate
Theatre Student of the Year 2003 Maegan Parker, Brian Thomas
Thespian Honor Cord 2003 Maegan Parker, Frank Breternitz, Brian Thomas, Rose Spanel, Nicole McPherson, Kelsey Olds

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