2001 – 2002 Season

Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know
Colorado State Thespian Conference
Diary of Anne Frank
Little Shop of Horrors
Romeo and Juliet

Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know

Songs and Sketches by: Douglas Bernstein, Francesca Blumenthal, Michael Brown, Barry Creyton, Lesley Davison, Addy Fieger, Stan Freeman, Dave Frishberg, Murray Grand, Glen Kelly, Jay Leonhart, Denis Markell, Nick Santa Maria.
Production Dates: October 18-19, 2001

Published by: Music Theatre International, NY, NY

Ensemble Cast Andrea Meis (12), Brian Thomas (11), Rose Spanel (11), Frank Breternitz (12), Sarah O’Connor (12), Kayla Underwood (11), Todd Tate (11), Lindsay Arnold (09), Taylor Carlson (10), Brettni Jaber (12), Pat Henson (11), Kelsey-Jo Olds (10), Fred Wood (11), Audree Rundell (12)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Vocal Direction Mr. Larry Meerdink
Choreography Ms Amber Boughton
Pictures from the Show

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Colorado State Thespian Conference

Photos from our participation. For more photos visit the Colorado Thespians website.

Pictures from the Show

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Diary of Anne Frank

Dramatized by: Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Published by: Dramatists Play Service, NY, NY
Setting/Time: Amsterdam. Presented in two acts.
Production Dates: Dates

Based upon the book, “Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl.” The play is set during
the years of World War II and immediately thereafter. This is the classical
story of survival told through the eyes of a young girl.

Mr Frank Geoffrey Lehr(12)
Miep Maegan Parker(11)
Mrs Van Daan Audree Rundel(12)
Mr Van Daan Josh Connell(10)
Peter Van Daan Ryan Barnes(9)
Mrs Frank Andrea Meis (12)
Margot Frank Heather Pearman(12)
Anne Frank Brittni Frederiksen(10)
Mr Kraler Joe Richmond(12)
Mr Dussel Brian Thomas (11)
Director Mrs. Brittany Wallis
Student Director Lici Ayala (11)
Stage Manager Todd Tate (11)
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Costumes Mrs. Joyce Ann Arnold & Jessica Delcamp (12)
Lights/Sound Mr. Mark Payne, Jason Hoke (11), Ryan Holman (11)
Pictures from the Show

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Little Shop of Horrors

Book and Lyrics by: Howard Ashman
Music by: Alan Menken
Based on the Film by: Roger Corman, screenplay by Charles Griffith
Published by: Samuel French, Inc., NY, NY
Setting/Time: Musnik’s Skid Row Florists, 1980’s
Production Dates: March 14-16, 2002

Chiffon Traci Thornton (12)
Crystal Amanda Long (12)
Ronnette Heather Pearman (12)
Mushnik Garret Law (12)
Audrey Sarah O’Connor (12)
Seymour Brian Thomas (11)
Prologue Voice/Voice of Interviewer Dr. Stan Hesting, Principal
Orin/Bernstein/Skip Snip/Mrs Luce Taylor Carlson (10)
Male Wino #1/Audrey II (Voice), Customer Brian Sprague (10)
Female Wino #2/Audrey II (Manipulation) Brettni Jaber (12)
Director Mr Jay Seller
Student Director Brettni Jaber
Vocal Director Mr Larry Meerdink
Orchestra Director Mr Bob Wagner
Choreography Ms Amber Boughton
Technical Director Mr Glenn Ashley
Lights/Sound Mr Mark Payne, Jason Hoke & Ryan Holman
Costumes Mrs Joyce Ann Arnold, Mrs Gera Parker & Jessica Delcamp
Pictures from the Show

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Romeo and Juliet

Written by: William Shakespeare
Production Dates: April 11-12, 2002

Escalus, Prince of Verona Joe Richmond
Paris, a young count, kinsman to the prince Chris Savage
Montague, head of two feuding houses Jonathon Hansen
Capulet, head of two feuding houses Josh Connell
An Old Man, Capulet’s kinsman James Hamilton
Romeo, Montague’s son Scott Beckman
Mercutio, kinsman to the prince and friend to Romeo Aaron Adamson
Benvolio, nephew to Montague and friend of Romeo Scott Bailey
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet Miles Batchelder
Friar Lawrence, of the Franciscan Order Geoffrey Lehr
Friar John, of the Wallis Order Jeff Darchuk
Balthazar, servant to Romeo Todd Tate
Sampson, servant to Capulet Frank Breternitz
Gregory, servant to Capulet Patrick Henson
Antony, servant to Capulet Emily Springer
Potpan, servant to Capulet Dani Hamilton
Servant to Capulet Andy Chambless
Peter, servant to Juliet’s nurse Maeghan Parker
Abraham, servant to Montague Brandon Durio
An Apothecary Janiey Vue
Three Musicians/Watchmen Linella Coberley, Melanie Aksamit, Sabrina Sameshima
Page to Paris; another page Nicole McPherson
Lady Montague, wife to Montague Lici Agala
Lady Capulet, wife to Capulet Lyndsee Priest
Juliet, daughter to Capulet Andrea Meis
Nurse to Juliet Rose Spanel
Citizens of Verona; Kinfolk of both houses; Maskers, Guards, Watchmen and Attendants, Chorus, announcer Kristin Robinson
Director Mrs Wallis
Student Manager Brandi Urban
Technical Director Mr Glenn Ashley
Set Design and Conception Compliments of the Denver Center Theatre Technical Division
Pictures from the Show

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