2000 – 2001 Season

Emma’s Child
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Family One-Acts

Emma’s Child

Written by: Kristine Thatcher
Production Dates: October 19-20, 2000

Jean Farrell Erica Cantu (12)
Henry Farrell Daniel Parker (12)
Tess McGarrett Sarah Ziegler (12)
Franny Stornant Andrea Meis (11)
Emma Miller Melanie Aksamit (11)
Laurence Frank Breternitz (10)
Mary Jo Brettni Jaber (11)
Vivian Rademacher Shannon Weigel (11)
Helen Arbaugh Sarah O’Connor (11)
Sam Stornant Nick Davenport (12)
Michelle Brandie Urban (10)
Theatre Producer Mr. Jay Seller
Director Ms. Jill Tjardes
Student Director Jena Lipari
Stage Manager Maegan Parker
House Manager Ms. Brittany Faremouth
Costumes Jessica Delcamp
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Light/Sound Chad Robbins, Geoffrey Lehr
Tech Crew RJ Buckingham, Bryan Finney, Maegan Parker, Conrad Whitechurch, Garrett Law
Pictures from the Show

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Written by: Laurie Brooks
Production Dates: December 7-8, 2000

Pa Nick Sines (12)
Margaret Nicole McPherson (10)
Ellen Jean Melanie Aksamit (11)
Duncan Miles Batchelder (10)
Tam Andy Brashears (11)
Black Hair Maria Keppler (09)
Red Hair Samantha Wilkins (09)
Student Director Brandie Urban (10)
Director Ms. Brittany Faremouth
Pictures from the Show

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Novel by: Elizabeth George Speare
Adapted for the stage by: Y York
Production Dates: December 7-8, 2000

Kit "Katherine" Tyler Andrea Meis (11)
Nat Eaton Aaron Bishop (12)
Reverend Gideon Gish Brian Kazmierski (12)
Rebecca Gish Sarah Ziegler (12)
Prudence Gish Samantha Varvir (03)
John Holcomb Bryce Cochrane (11)
Matthew Wood Brian Thomas (10)
Rachel Wood Danielle Phillips (11)
Mercy Wood Lauren Gardner (12)
Judith Wood Sarah O’Connor (11)
William Ashby Patrick McPherson (12)
Hannah Tupper Erica Cantu (12)
Miss Cat Maegan Parker (10)
Magistrate Talbot Scott Beckman (11)
Director Mr. Jay Seller
Costume Crew Mrs. Joyce Ann Arnold
Costume Coordinator Mrs. Jera Parker
Costume Seamstress Jessica Delcamp (11)
Lighting Director Chad Robbins
Sound Director Geoffrey Lehr
Tech Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
Crew Daniel Parker (12), Bryan Finney, RJ Buckingham, Andrea Meis, Lici Ayala, Sarah O’Connor
House Manager Ms. Jill Tjardes
Pictures from the Show

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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Music and Lyrics by: Frank Loesser
Book by: Jack Weinstock and Willy Gilbert
Production Dates: March 1-3, 2001

J. Pierrepont Finch Daniel Parker (12)
J. B. Biggley Nick Davenport (12
Bud Frump Garrett Law (11)
Mr. Twimble Brian Thomas (10)
Wally Womper Fred Wood (10)
Gatch Frank Breternitz (10)
Rosemary Pilkington Erica Cantu (12)
Bert Bratt Chad Robbins (12)
Smitty Rose Spanel (10)
Hedy La Rue Heather Pearman (11)
Miss Jones Andrea Meis (11)
Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington Ryan Cook (12)
Office Personnel: Mr. Jenkins Patrick McPherson (12)
Office Personnel: Mr. Johnson Geoffrey Lehr (11)
Office Personnel: Mr. Matthews Bryce Cochrane (11)
Office Personnel: Mr. Peterson Miles Batchelder (10)
Office Personnel: Mr. Tackaberry Todd Tate (10)
Office Personnel: Miss Krumholtz Kim Rusho (11)
Office Personnel: Mr. Davis David Savage (12)
Office Personnel: Mr. Toynbee Ryan Dillinger (12)
Company Policeman Ray Waliczek (12)
Scrubwomen Nicholle Noffsinger (12), Maegan Parker (10)
Secretaries Loren Barton (10), Brittni Frederiksen (09), Traci Thornton (11), Amanda Henry (10), Amanda Long (11), Sarah O’Connor (11), Tiffany Ramsdell (11), Kayla Underwood (10), Lauren Gardner (12)
Executives James Hamilton (09), Lee McDonald (11)
Director Ms. Faremouth
Technical Director Mr. Glenn Ashley
House Manager Mr. Jay Seller
Student Director Lauren Gardner (12)
Lights/Sound Chad Robbins (12)
Costumes Jessica Delcamp (11)
Pictures from the Show

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